Who am I?

God created me in his own image. He created me with the desire to create.The Helix Nebula - a composite photo taken by the Hubble Space Telescope This simple statement. Says a lot about the essence of who I am any why I do the things I do.

Ever since I was little I had a deep fascination with how things worked. I wondered at all kinds of things, from how my Dad’s lawnmower worked, to how an ant could carry a beetle over 100 times it’s own weight. I especially liked to stare closely at the simplest things in nature and marvel at the detail. As I grew up and discovered photography, I began to capture this fascination on film and later on digital images.


About Rich Wood

Entrepreneur, Marketing Executive, Mountain Biker, Photographer, Dog Lover, Husband & Man of God
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  1. Great glimpse into you.

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