What has God Created Me For?

When I look back at the commonalities between the things that I’ve done well and enjoyed, the things that became my biggest accomplishments, there are four things that come to mind. The first I already covered, is the desire to create or build things. Next is my love of teaching others followed by helping people in general. The final one is leadership.

These four foundational skills are the basis for discovering what God’s plan for my life is. God has shut the door at my current job in order to open a new one for the next phase of my life. I have faith that he has an incredible plan for my life but also know that I need to take the first steps in faith to see God’s plan come to fruition.

Rick Warren, my pastor did a sermon today on destiny. We are planning the next ten years for our church and he is encouraging us to do the same for our own lives. In Exodus chapter 4, Moses is trying to tell God he is not equipped to lead the Jews out of Egypt. God asks him “what is in your hand?” and Moses replies “a rod”. This was his rod for herding sheep, the profession that Moses had spent his life doing. This was the tool of his trade. God used that staff to part the red sea, to bring water from the stone and Moses lead the Jews for 40 years with that staff. Moses’ occupation had prepared him for God’s true plan for his life.

In the same way I have to assume that every skill, experience and talent God has blessed me with was intentional and that I am to use them to fulfill his plan for my life.


About Rich Wood

Entrepreneur, Marketing Executive, Mountain Biker, Photographer, Dog Lover, Husband & Man of God
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1 Response to What has God Created Me For?

  1. The Decade of Destiny has been an awesome campaign. I created a dod book reminding me of goals, passions and things I want to use for His glory. I love how you shared how God has given certain gifts to us ‘intentionally’. Now to use them purposefully.

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